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Let Us Help You Move Your Fundraiser Online

We can help you sell “Flowers For Fundraising” and "48LongStems" products using an online platform that is branded with your organization’s name and logo.

The platform is called “Your Flower Store” and it gives you the tools to sell products online to your members, families and friends. It is easy to use and is free to your organization.


What “Your Flower Store” can do for you?

Sell Online! - Your organization gets an online order form to show the items you want to sell. This allows you to text, email and post your fundraiser on social media. Your site is personalized with the products you want to sell, at the price you want to sell them, with your logo prominently displayed.

Easy Accounting! - If you have a PayPal Business account or a Skype account, you can use them to allow your patrons to pay for the flowers with a Credit Card. This way the money goes directly into your account. You don’t have to collect and manage dollar bills or checks. There is a cash option, but you will have to collect and manage the money! You also have the ability to print a paper order forms that is formatted with your name and logo and the products you show on the site.

Easy To Manage! - You can see your orders in real time. The online dashboard allows you to monitor how you’re program is progressing!

Order Smart! - When you are ready to shut down your program. You will review your orders online, and decide how many boxes of flowers to buy from “Flowers For Fundraising” or "48LongStems".  No more guessing!  The flower will be shipped to you for easy distribution. Please note – there is no connection between your online order form and “Flowers For Fundraising”, or "48LongStems". You need to manually place an order on our site.  It is not done automatically for you.  The online order form is an easy way for you to collect orders so you know how many to buy.

Have Flowers Shipped Directly! - We have a small selection of products that we can ship directly to individuals.   Call us for more information at 207.618.7618.

Our team is always available to answer questions about how get you set up with a site, our products and shipping details. 

Completing this form below will help us setting up your online order from.  Once we receive this form we will be in contact with you to set up an onboarding meeting.   During this time we will review the front end where you sell flowers and the admin panel with you so you are comfortable before promoting it. Please give us 48 hours to get your site up before we contact you.